Designer Competition & Designer Challenge

Project NunwayLA is about Nuns, Clergy, Fashion and Queers ... AND ...of course, Project NunwayLA is about

Each year, Project NunwayLA challenges Designers to create over-the-top, avant garde designs based on a theme.

Upholding this strong thematic element will be considered. Too far is NOT enough!

We encouraged our Designers to stretch the absolute limits of their boundaries to create one Surrealistic look that bends the mind's perceptions of reality, while igniting the senses. Each Designer will work with his\her model in creating a garment for the Nunway. Each work of art will be judged by our Esteemed Panel of Judges, with the honor of Top Designer recieving a $500 gift to the charity of his\her choice.

Project NunwayLA features over 25 amazing Designers.

New Designer Bios Added Daily

Judging Criteria

Creative Point of View

The Tarot has taken many forms over the centuries and is often associated with fortuntelling, mysticism, and so much more. This year Project NunwayL and its theme are inspired by the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. Each Major Arcanum depicts a scene, mostly featuring a person or several people, with many symbolic elements.

In many decks, each has a number - usually in Roman numerals - and a name, though not all decks have both, and some have only a picture.

Each Designer will be tied to one of the Major Arcana to inspsire their design creation for Project NunwayLA. Upholding the theme will be considered. Reaching beyong the obvious will be celebrated.

Design Construction & Vision

Designers & Models negotiate who will provide the funds needed for designers to meet the costs of creating the garment. Designers may not charge for their designs, their labor, or the final product.

Designer\Model teams are encouraged to create fashions from renewable resources, and\or for as little cash as necessary. However, Designers\Models may opt to base their designs on concepts and designs they mutually agree upon.

Each Design will be evaluated as it comes down the nunway, and its overall presentation, construction, and ability to tell a story will be considered...all to the delight of our audience.

Project NunwayLA
Project NunwayLA
Project NunwayLA
Project NunwayLA