Panel of Judges

Project NunwayLA is a Designer Competition and Fashion Show. We have elicited a fine panel of creative, wise, and fashion savvy Judges who will critique the looks and each garment coming down the runway. Our panel of judges represent a wide variety of knowledge, experience, artistic vision, and expertise in the areas of fashion and art, including:

In Order by Appearance

Meet Our Panel of Judges

Nadya Ginsburg

Eric Paul Leue

The Boulet Brothers

April Love

Haydee Gandar

Judging Criteria

Expressing TAROT

This year's theme - TAROT - encourages the over 30 amazing Designers to crate an over-the-top fashion garment, which embodies the mysteries of the Tarot.

Each Designer has been issue one tarot card from the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. Come witness the creation and embark on a journey through the TAROT.

Design Construction & Vision

Designers & Models negotiate who will provide the funds needed for designers to meet the costs of creating the garment. Designers may not charge for their designs, their labor, or the final product.

Designer\Model teams are encouraged to create fashions from renewable resources, and\or for as little cash as necessary. However, Designers\Models may opt to base their designs on concepts and designs they mutually agree upon.

Project NunwayLA
Project NunwayLA
Project NunwayLA
Project NunwayLA