Community Models

Project NunwayLA 2014 featured the Top Community Models, raising thousands of dollars for our charities. Working with our Designers, Project NunwayLA 2014 showcased two amazing Community Models in stunning creations on the stage of Project NunwayLA 2014 - Helvetica Fontaine & Queen Isis

Once again in 2015, the LA Sisters invited our community to compete for a spot in our runway show at The Mayan Theatre in the Historic District of Downtown Los Angeles! This year the winner of our Online Community Model Contest was Modern Josh raising almost $1,000 for our charities! Josh will now join the LA Sisters on the stage of Project NunwayLA.

We have also teamed up with AIDS/LifeCycle to raise awareness for our mutual communities - supporting those affected by HIV/AIDS. This year we also feature Gonzalo Garcia - Recruitment Manager of AIDS/LifeCycle and Guest Runway Model for Project NunwayLA.

Gonzalo is seeking your donations in support of his very first walk down ANY RUNWAY! Decked out in high-drag and stunnhing couture, Gonzalo hopes to raise money for Project NunwayLA. Visit his Fundraising page here: GO GONZALO!

Guest Model - Gonzalo Garcia

My life in HIV/AIDS fundraising started when I was around 10 years old, raising money for organizations such as AIDS Walk New York and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. My efforts continued in 2011, when I flew from NYC to San Francisco and participated in AIDS/LifeCycle, riding my bike 545 miles down to Los Angeles. After three years of raising money for The Los Angeles LGBT Center and San Francisco AIDS Foundation, I found myself packing up my life and moving to LA to work for AIDS/LifeCycle full time.

Now I get to raise money for another amazing event, Project NunwayLA which benefits two amazing organizations, Being Alive and The Life Group LA. Both share the same goals: To provide education, empowerment and emotional support to people living with HIV/AIDS.

I am very excited to do something I have never done before! First, walk down a runway. Second, in drag! Help me by donating today!

Visit my Fundraising page here: GO GONZALO

Winner Model Contest - Modern Josh

Josh is all about motorcycles, men, rough housing, loud rocking music, and BIG HIGH HEELS! A Founder of The Red High Heel Party in Long Beach, Josh is no new comer to fundraising.

Josh is often found walking for a cause, supporting local HIV/AIDS charities and doing anything to help his neighbor.

With his rough and stoic exterior, you would be smart in getting to know him, finding that he has a heart of gold.

This year Josh stepped outside his comfort zone to vie for a spot on the runway of Project NunwayLA 2015, which included a lipsync performance on the stage of Pop Your Drag Cherry at Hamburger Mary's Long Beach!

Josh raised almost $1,000 and plucked that cherry right off the top.

While the contest is over, we are happy to continue taking donations for Project NunwayLA 2015.

Visit my Fundraising page here: GO JOSH

Guest Model - Daphne Von Rey

A Performance Artist and Modern Beauty, Daphne Von Rey isn't for the faint at heart.

Prepare to be devastated by her performance as she steps out first on the runway with a TAROT inspired performance. Both enchanting and visceral, Daphne will steal your heart and take you to church while beckoning the amazing crative prowess of this year's Designers.

Crowned the Winner at The Boulet Brothers Two-Year Anniversary celebration of Dragula, Daphne gave of her heart and soul to take away a cash prize of $1,000. Joining Project NunwayLA at The Mayan Theatre will put Daphne Von Rey front and center, to mesmorize your senses.

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